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A day after Kim Jong-un sent a missile screaming over Japan, setting off emergency sirens across the northern part of the island, North Korean state media warned that the launch was a "prelude" to a military operation against Guam.

Mr Kim was present for intermediate range missile launch over Japan.

The official Korean Central News Agency said the North Korean leader urged his military to conduct more such launches into the Pacific Ocean in the future.

"Facing such a situation, the USA will likely mobilize a top policy means, and that can't exclude a preventive strike".

Also on Wednesday, President Trump declared "talking is not the answer" to resolving the prolonged standoff over North Korea's nuclear and missile programs.

He said the North Korean leader was behaving in a manner that was "illegal, dangerous, reckless and provocative" and his behaviour was "threatening the region and the world".

South Korean army soldiers work near K-9 self-propelled howitzers during a military exercise in Paju, South Korea, near the border with North Korea, today. "The puppets in South Korea will never avoid catastrophes as long as they continue to run amok", Rodong Sinmun said in the commentary. The council also expressed "its commitment to a peaceful, diplomatic and political solution".

The South, which hosts 28,500 USA troops to defend it, is banned from building its own nuclear weapons under a 1974 atomic energy deal with Washington, which instead offers a "nuclear umbrella" against potential attacks. -South Korean military drills that conclude Thursday. "And so I think something serious has to happen".

The North, which claims Washington has long threatened Pyongyang by flaunting the powerful U.S. nuclear arsenal, describes the long-range B-1Bs as "nuclear strategic bombers" although the United States no longer arms them with nuclear weapons. It landed in the water and no one was harmed.

"North Korea represents an undeniable threat to worldwide peace and security".

The move came as Theresa May met the Japanese prime minister to discuss countering the threat from North Korea.

Last week, South Korea and the United States began annual war games which China opposes and are viewed by nuclear-armed North Korea as a highly provocative rehearsal for invasion.