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And if you're sick and exhausted of seeing everyone prattling on about Destiny 2, well, it's bound to die down a little in a week or two.

There was a time when players were forced to ride around the same repetitive areas collecting upgrade materials, or when progressing upwards in the game's level system required you perform the same activity every week, hoping to get lucky and score one specific piece of rare armor.

But apparently, that's not the only case one player said that the game tends to freeze even during the regular gameplay. As a side note, clan features are now live in the game, so you are your group can start earning those rewards.

Let me interrupt Smith here to note that a lot of players like the other part of Destiny 2's new shaders: the ability to individually colorize each piece of gear.

As a reminder, Destiny 2 will take off on PC via Battle.net on October 24th.

It details some of the key moments planned for Destiny 2 players over the coming weeks and key incidents that Guardians won't want to miss as the game takes its "first steps on a new journey as a community".

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Defeat an ironmonger in the first Nightfall Strike of Destiny 2

This didn't seem to make much of a difference to many members of the community, Polygon reports as gamers are still bombing Bungie with hail fires of criticisms. Noseworthy says. "Or you meet someone in the game and you're like, I want to play this activity I've never done it before, I mostly play solo". Once you reach 230, head to the Courtyard and The Traveler and talk to Zavala to unlock the Nightfall Strikes. The Guided Games Beta, meant to test Destiny 2's in-game clan functionality for finding other high-level teammates, will accompany next week's Nightfall.

Initially rumoured for a 2016 release, Destiny 2 was officially confirmed in March 2017, after a leak a couple of days before. Furthermore, you can earn loot boxes by leveling up and with real money.

What is Destiny 2? Guild Wars 2 has cosmetic items called dyes which are virtually identical to Destiny 2's shaders. Of course, much of this is already known, but if it's an at-a-glance guide you seek, then the roadmap below should help.

Visually, Destiny 2 is a great looking title. In some ways the new shader system is a improvement from the original giving players many more options than before.

Xur: Agent of the Nine will make an appearance in Destiny 2 next week i.e. September 15, and we have an official confirmation about it straight from Bungie.

Although Nightfall Strikes are far more hard than the ordinary Strikes, they will offer better rewards and loot than their ordinary counterparts.