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Cooper said that while the latest projections now indicate North Carolina will see a less severe impact, the state's emergency management resources are still on high alert. Once the storm hits, officials warn citizens not to put themselves or their family into more harm.

Mayor Curry may have another neighborhood awareness event Friday afternoon, but conditions are expected to deteriorate Saturday, as storm planning moves into another phase.

11pm Monday-6am Tuesday: Rain, wind, and an isolated tornado risk will continue but these threats will gradually lower and decrease toward sunrise Tuesday. At least 1.4 million live in mandatory evacuation zones and those zones could spread all the way to the state's northern borders.

McMaster said that there will be shelters opened in the three affected counties only.

As these shutdowns approach, airlines are trying to get as many people out as possible by reshuffling resources to add more flights out of Florida.

For the last 36 hours - with few exceptions - our computer models are turning Irma to the north later and later.

First Energy is sending almost 900 people to help with utilities and restoration since power outages are expected. Expect this forecast to change as confidence increases.

According to the National Weather Service, the heaviest rains and higher chances of tornadoes will come from the eastern side of the storm as it passes to the west of SC.

As of Friday morning, Irma is expected to bring sustained winds of 60-70 miles per hour to Jacksonville, with 80 miles per hour gusts possible at the coast and on the river.

McMaster says if he orders people to leave their homes, the evacuation would take effect at 10 a.m. Saturday. "Good luck", he said.

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - Emergency officials in SC are warning residents to remain alert as Hurricane Irma approaches.

TIDES & STORM SURGE: Prior to the arrival of Hurricane Irma's circulation later this weekend, building northeast winds will maintain elevated water levels, with coastal flooding around the times of high tide likely beginning tonight.