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A feature adaptation of Stephen King's iconic horror story It filmed on location throughout southern Ontario.

Meanwhile, some analyst had gone a little ahead to predict that the Andy Muschietti-directed vehicle has a shot at $70 million. Although there is no scene after the credits are over, there is an ominous sound heard at the end. Have a great day at the movies and don't forget to save me some popcorn. It tells the story of some adults who return home to Derry, Maine to face an evil entity they feared during their childhood (and rightly so, since it was responsible for violently murdering local children). "I took a lot of time and worked on how Pennywise would sound and move and all that". Jaeden Lieberher (Midnight Special) stars as Bill, the leader of the Losers Club, and Bill Skarsgard, the brother of Alexander Skarsgard, stars as Pennywise.

Bill Skarsgaard (Atomic Blonde) does Pennywise, and like Tim Curry from 1990 TV mini-series, he's pretty good.

"It's also a time of your life where you basically stop being a child and... become being an adult, which is exactly precisely what happens to the Losers", Muschietti added. The movie's Friday take alone was bigger than the previous September crown holder, "Hotel Transylvania 2", which pulled in 48.5 million US dollars for the three days in 2015, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"It 2 is my priority". "Besides Georgie in the sewer, I think it's the one scene that everybody kind of brings up and it's such a shame", Dauberman said. But make no mistake, with the insane amount of money the adaptation is making, Chapter 2 is getting what it needs. It is competently made horror that takes its subject of a shape-shifting evil clown that chews on frightened children as seriously as such a ludicrous premise could be, but as with almost all adaptations of Mr. King's writing, the author's preternatural gift for storytelling and understanding of the human condition has been lost in its translation to film. The movie shows how the children work together to find out the mystery behind the clown and how they save themselves in the process. The film is said to be one of the best modern adaptations of his books, and is certainly something you don't want to miss.