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To top things up, the all new Apple Watch Series 3 comes with a faster S3 dual core processor and a W2 wireless chip for charging.

Today Apple held its big fall event, and the first device announced by the company was the Apple Watch Series 3.

The Apple Watch Series 3 model with cellular capabilities will start at $399 and be available on select carriers in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States on September 22, with pre-orders beginning September 15.

Don't worry, you don't have to change your phone number, the Watch just transfers your phone capabilities right to your wrist.

When Tim Cook announced previous year that Apple was the number two watchmaker in the world, we said that made sense: Rolex is the giant in the watch world, and passing it would be some type of feat. He says most consumers would find a cellular watch most useful when exercising. The watch also comes with a barometric altimeter.

It is priced at $329 for watch with cellular connectivity and $329 without it.

The new smartwatch is powered by a Dual-Core processor offering 70% more performance.

The ability to stream up to 40 million songs thanks to the cellular connection.

Unfortunately battery life is still the same. The watch isshould run up to 18 hours in the mix of LTE, Wi-Fi and standard use, which is rubbish. There's a host of new camera features, too, that merit a deep dive rather than simply regurgitating Schiller's marketing patter. This means the watch will finally be able to count floors climbed and estimate your altitude. Apple says it's working with app developers on some skiing and snowboarding tracking apps that will utilize this feature. The rectangular form features interchangeable straps, which are all compatible with both models, a digital crown on the right-hand side, another button on the left and a heart rate sensor underneath the face. Redesigned stereo speakers are up to 25 percent louder and deliver deeper bass, enabling richer-sounding music, videos and speakerphone calls. The Watch will notify you when it detects an elevated heart rate and you don't appear active. This is a great addition as your resting heart rate is perhaps the most important indicator of your health and fitness.

The watch details were announced as part of an Apple event at its Cupertino, California, headquarters, where it was also expected to unveil new iPhones.

Everything is crammed into a case that is still nearly the same size as that of the Series 2 - the back is extended by 2.5 mm.

There are new colours and bands, including a sporty loop band, new colours for the Nike versions and a new rose gold aluminium version.