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The U.S. Virgin Islands was the hardest hit of any U.S. state or territory, with large numbers of homes destroyed and widespread power outages.

State officials are raising the death toll in Florida from Hurricane Irma to 12 from the previous seven, raising the total to 55.

"I know for our entire state, but especially the Keys, it's going to be a long road".

But the gas crunch is also a stark illustration of the narrow bottlenecks in U.S. energy infrastructure and how disruptions to energy production from extreme weather in one area can harm other regions. Police are urging residents to stay indoors and not venture outside.

It slammed into the Florida Keys island chain as a powerful Category Four storm on Sunday.

Authorities stopped people and checked for documentation such as proof of residency or business ownership before allowing them back into the Upper Keys, including Key Largo, Tavernier and Islamorada. But even in the Upper Keys, "water, power, sewer, fuel, medical service and cell service, are still limited", according to Monroe County. So they're blowing offshore from the land to the water. They suspect they may find fatalities.

He's not sure whether his mother, stepdad, grandmother and aunt survived Irma's wrath. Officials said it was not known how many people ignored evacuation orders and stayed behind in the Keys. Another 65% suffered major damage.

Massive power outages are crippling much of the Southeast on Tuesday.

"We'll never get in", Jamilla Bartley lamented in the parking lot.

At the Hollywood nursing home, Jean Lindor, a kitchen worker, said through a Haitian Creole translator that the air conditioner had not been working since the storm and it had been hot inside. RVs lay on their sides in Sunshine Key. And we are talking about that and something with the keys.

Although rainfall stopped in Jacksonville Monday afternoon, the water began rising and washing into downtown.

Cubans walked through ankle-deep water in Caibarien, a fishing town where streets were flooded and covered in seaweed.

Irma bullied through much of the Caribbean - Antigua, St Martin, St Barts, Anguilla, the United States and British Virgin Islands, Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas. We're missing some pieces from our roof overhang. Concrete pillars that once propped up homes stood empty, propping up nothing.

Yet there were signs that rescuers and other officials were making headway as the floodwaters abated and roads reopened.

On Tuesday morning, Jose was driving winds of 75 mph about 435 miles south of Bermuda and more than 700 miles east of Florida.

"This is a life-threatening situation", the National Hurricane Center said. Planes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration joined the effort.

"I've been here with other storms, other hurricanes".

The Nielsen company said Tuesday that its ratings information from this past weekend is delayed because the company's processing center in Tampa, Florida, was shut down because of Irma.

Areas without water, power or communications are likely to remain so for some time. It was before dawn.

In Coral Gables, near Miami, fallen trees made streets look like jungle, and damaged power lines could be heard buzzing. "Some rescue guys came by so they've got a phone".

Given its mammoth size and strength and its course up the peninsula, it could prove one of the most devastating hurricanes ever to hit Florida, and inflict damage on a scale not seen here in 25 years. "I think we're really well coordinated, as well as you can possibly be". All right, love you.

But residents like William Rose have bigger concerns.

"I'm going back up to one of my divisions where my brother's at". We reached him in Miami.

There were no immediate confirmed reports of any deaths from the storm. His brother was safe, much to Konkrate's relief. "Search and rescue teams are ready to deploy".

Meanwhile, evacuees in Florida were anxious to return and see how their homes weathered the storm. Commercial flights remain suspended, however. Southern Tennessee and eastern Alabama can expect up to five inches. Can you tell us what's happening there? "Florida's calling. There's trouble in the Keys". The park's gazebo, normally about 20 yards from the shore of the St. Johns River, was now at water's edge.

"The President's action during these times demonstrate why he's a true leader who can bring the country together and get things done for the American people", Sanders said.