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Trump is so anxious for a deal that he'll no doubt sign anything put in front of him that spares him the task of following through on the assurances that his anti-immigrant supporters thought they had.

"You have 800,000 young people, brought here, no fault of their own", said Trump to press before flying to Florida for a look at the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, reported The Los Angeles Times.

He appeared revived that tactic this week when he invited Senator Schumer and Ms Pelosi to the White House to resolve the contentious issue of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a policy that saved almost 800,000 foreigners who illegally entered American soil as minors from being kicked out of the country.

The statement came after Schumer and Pelosi had talked immigration and border politics with Trump over Chinese food. "He added: "'I think we're fairly close but we have to get massive border security".

But the Trump game plan has now changed and Queens is waiting for a bitterly divided Congress to work out a bipartisan solution to the pressing humanitarian problem. "We thought we had an opportunity to get something good and let's see what happens".

(The Post, notably, is calling it an agreement "to work on (a) deal", which seems the best way to phrase it.) Democrats say they have reached an agreement with Trump; Trump and the White House were suggesting there is an agreement, but emphasizing that there is no "deal" since it hasn't been finalized. He has since sought, along with Democratic congressional leaders, to strike a deal to enshrine the order as a formal law, which would be the Dream Act. Now those same individuals are fuming to hear that the president may reverse his new policy after meeting with Democrats.

They also said no funding for Trump's long-promised wall on the US-Mexico border would be in the DACA deal. But it appears now that funding for a border wall could be a sticking point. Trump and Democrats recognize the seriousness of this issue.

And House Speaker Paul Ryan announced "There is no agreement".

"Here's what I told him: I said, 'Mr".

"The president today was very clear, that he is not going to be supportive of amnesty, and that citizenship is not being considered for Dreamers", a White House official said.

Meanwhile, Breitbart News, the far-right-wing website, had a headline encouraging people to burn MAGA hats-that's "Make America Great Again" hats.

"Amnesty Don", blared the website's front page.

Trump reportedly was "super upbeat" about how cable news outlets were covering his meeting last week with Schumer and Pelosi. "No promise is credible", House Republican Steve King, a fierce anti-immigration advocate, said on Twitter. He came here to keep his promises.

And here we have the president basically defending a deal that he says hasn't been reached.

The Trump administration is eager for a large legislative victory before the 2018 midterm elections after Republican-led efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act failed in the Senate.