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"No one promises a rose garden, and this surely is not", he wrote near the end of his 30-page explanation of why he acquitted former St. Louis Police Officer Jason Stockley of murder in the 2011 killing of Anthony Lamar Smith.

We suspect Robert Steele, lead attorney for the prosecution, is feeling this in the wake of Judge Timothy Wilson's egregious ruling on the Jason Stockley murder case.

The case in one of the last that Wilson will rule over because he turns 70 in December, which is the mandatory retirement age for Missouri judges. And one, according to documents obtained by NBC affiliate KSDK, Stockley could be heard saying he was "going to kill this (expletive) - don't you know".

Prosecutors accused Stockley of planting the weapon in Smith's vehicle after the fact.

Smith's auto began slowing to a stop when Stockley directed his partner to smash into Smith's vehicle.

According to the autopsy report, Smith was shot on the left side of his neck, the left side of his chest, left mid-flank, left lower lateral flank and his left forearm.

The confusing account of what led to Smith's death surrounds a firearm which prosecutors argued Stockley planted in the victim's vehicle, as his DNA was found on the weapon and Smith's was not, St. Louis Public Radio reports.

Wilson ruled that the gun found in the auto, a revolver, was too large to be planted without being spotted in video footage of the scene.

Stockley went in-and-out Smith's vehicle at least four times while 10 officer stood by, according to testifying officers.

"You have white police officers shooting black men down, they always exonerate them, so that's not only reflective of the KKK mentality of numerous police officers in this city as well as this country, it's also reflective of the judicial system".

Stockley claimed that he fired fearing for his safety. They asserted a "kill shot" was sacked at close range after the first four shots were fired in close succession and struck Smith in the shoulder. During the attempt to apprehend Smith, the suspect's auto bumped into the police vehicle before speeding off.

Meanwhile, protests are expected to continue following the verdict. Missouri Governor Eric Greitens on Thursday put the National Guard on standby. "However, we need further examination and clarity in the laws that govern the use of deadly force by police officers". "And whatever comes to you, just do it in a peaceful way".

Adolphus Pruitt, president of the NAACP in St. Louis, asked President Trump and the Justice Department to immediately review the acquittal "to ensure that justice has been served".

"My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Anthony Lamar Smith, as today's verdict fails to provide the justice they sought and the closure they seek".

"He's very methodical and a very objective judge", Jack Garvey, a lawyer and former St. Louis circuit judge, told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"I am sobered by this outcome", she wrote in a statement. "Frustration, anger, hurt, pain, hope and love all intermingle". The continued disregard for black life and the failure to hold police accountable creates heightened tensions between police and the community.

Smith family attorney Al Watkins says he's appalled by the judge's decision. The demonstration gave rise to a popular chant: "If you kill our kids, we kill your economy". He says the department is committed to protecting free speech rights but is also committed to upholding the city's laws. Butler said. "We will be non-violent but we will not settle on peace".