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Still with me? Then you might be among those who will appreciate "Mother!".

Nick Vadala of Philly.com wrote: "From the religious and political imagery to its remarks on celebrity culture and the nature of creativity, "Mother" is a film seemingly designed for any number of interpretations".

Earlier this month Lawrence, who has been vocal about the issue of equal pay in Hollywood, was asked about her and Bardem's pay for Mother. "I have a bad flight experience and I am trying to get past that, but that is something that scares me". I mean first of all, everything that Darren's doing when he makes a film like this is created to be entertaining, first and foremost.

The American filmmaker's latest project stars his girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence as the title character, whose relationship with her husband (Javier Bardem) is pushed to the limit when uninvited guests arrive and cause havoc at their house. Lawrence revealed that this worries her because she thinks that is not how it works.

The Oscar-winner, who's romantically-involved with Mother! director Darren Aronofsky, told Sadler that when she initially reviewed the script for her upcoming film, a horror drama, she was put off, but Aronofsky's big picture message and metaphors in the film ultimately persuaded her to do it. Every basic need and desire that Lawrence expresses goes unheeded as she continues to do the emotional labour for everyone who enters her house.

However, the star won't be retreating to the wheel just yet as she has a number of films to promote over the next few months, adding at the end of the interview, "See you in six months". "I kind of wanted to return back to my horror roots and make something scary again". Lawrence is dumb-founded by this odd request, while Bardem is happy to invite them in with open arms. "When it bites me in the ass, it just bites me in the ass". Or even what planet they came from. But I just love Mother Earth. "And. we didn't do that type of movie". "She enlightened me once regarding the Kardashians".

"I think I knew it was going to be a lot of stuff", he told Entertainment Weekly of the extreme reactions to the film. "You always want to entertain your audience, and you want to bring them somewhere that they didn't know they were going to go".