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From Wi-Fi to USB-C and even wireless audio, it was the adoption by Apple that gave these technologies the impetus they needed. Looking nice is one thing, but being unable to back up lovely design with powerful technology does not justify a two thousand dollar price tag.

To meet the demand that the new iphones are expected to see, Apple will ensure there is no shortage of supply especially in stores that have been seeing the highest demand during the last few launches.

HOW MUCH WILL THE iPHONE X COST? While this means bad news for the other players in the segment like the AirFuel alliance, wireless charging coming to the iPhone is the best news this industry has had in years. The problem is that is not saying much.

Cook attempted to frame the iPhone X as a similar breakthrough, hailing it as "the biggest leap forward" since the original iPhone. This time Apple is bringing Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus just a week after it goes on sale in US. Where manufacturers are trying to offer a bezel-less device, however, they failed to offer the same like the iPhone X.

I kind of like it that Android competition is driving prices down and you can own a perfectly workmanlike Android with the big RAM and bigger storage with battery life long enough to make it through a working day.

The level of design, the first look allows you to discover the disappearance of the Home button. No, for another $200 dollars you are paying for one thing and one thing only: the screen. Indians are so excited about that news but the price which is what made them think again. The company doesn't share details on how many customers finance their phones through Citizens/Apple instead of their carriers, and declined to disclose how many of its iPhones are financed. Apple knows its fanbase. Obviously, iPhones are not known for being cheap but iPhone X sets a new standard. That is how consumers are in this technological generation. Apple has, and continues, to take advantage of their customers with this sort of mindset. Considering that by this time next year, the titan could already be slated to offer upgraded display technology and design, with OLED screens "more broadly available", Lamba predicts, "mainstream iPhone users might consider pushing out their purchases to next year when they can get greater innovation at a lower price".

This smartphone is water and dust resistant, stainless steel around the sides along with front and back body of glass which makes the device more durable. There is no any further leaks or rumors available for this phone as well.

"The safest thing you can do is turn off your fingerprint reader, your face print reader and just use that six-digit pin code which is remarkably hard to break in an iPhone", Greenberg said.