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But, not everyone can afford such luxuries. iPhone X is estimated to cost RM5,000 for the lowest spec, although local pricing and availability have yet to be announced. They love America deeply. In an over-simplified nutshell, consumers don't buy technologies or products, they pick things that can complete specific jobs for them. They pay taxes. These guys are our neighbors. Soon, users will be able to stream Apple Music from the device.

"This is I think the biggest issue of our time", he said. "I hope everyone reaches out and meets some of the Dreamers, because it will really warm your heart in meeting them". Instead of one iPhone, Apple dropped two, along with the Series 3 of the Apple Watch. Cook said the chances of someone breaking into your phone with these security capabilities are one in 1 million - which is positively mind-blowing. "We're bringing it to mainstream".

Though the Apple Watch 3 can only manage an hour of talk time, Apple is touting it as a way to maintain data and voice connectivity for short periods of time in situations not conducive to using a smartphone.

The AR feature will allow users to overlay the virtual world on the physical world.

Many reviewers such as the New York Times praised the new features and gave generally positive assessments.

Count on face recognition and good-looking selfies to overcome the sticker shock of Apple's most expensive phone to date. "This is a day to remember". The new Portrait Lighting mode uses a similar tactic to adjust the lighting effects around the subject. "But it lets you leave your phone at home when you go for a run, or in your locker while you're at the gym, or in your hotel while you go to the beach, and not worry in the least that you're out of touch".

Even a quick sweep of news coverage around the iPhone X launch reveals what looks like staggering negativity around the product. This can create "many innovative applications" with Face ID being the most important.

"Having the capability to recognise your face will be a key technology for app developers", he said. "We've encrypted it on your device. We've encrypted in on your device, you make the decisions about who has it, not us". "It is not ours".

As an investor, what excites me about the iPhone X isn't the pixel count or battery life anyway.

"Well, it's a value price actually for the technology that you're getting", he said according to a transcript published on 9to5Mac.

You've ostensibly already got a phone that does everything, and more, that the LTE-enabled watch model can do. They sure know how to make an impressive launch to elevate the iPhone X. And yet, Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook commented that the company doesn't just make smartphones for the upper-class society.

CEOs of top US companies have been very vocal this year.