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The Alabama Senate GOP primary runoff between former Judge Roy Moore and Sen.

Spending in the race has far exceeded most primaries, with the Mitch McConnell-aligned Senate Leadership Fund super PAC pumping $8 million into the effort to boost odd and diminish Moore.

"The problem is President Trump's being cut off in his office".

The crowd was particularly welcoming when Sarah Palin spoke. Said Trump, "We have to be loyal in life".

"Drain that swamp! This is our line in the sand, Alabama!"

It looks like Democratic Senate candidate Doug Jones is having a bit of fun with one of his Republican challengers. Alabama is a deep-red state, and Trump won 62 percent of votes in November.

Do the voters of Alabama need a senator who's friends with President Donald Trump?

A close associate of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R-Ky. instructed Trump and Vice President Pence on the contest.

Unusual said only his "personal relationship" with his "good friend" Trump will help get the president's agenda passed in Washington, encouraging Alabamians to follow the president on Twitter and bragging that they had spoken for a half hour the night before.

That's why the McConnell-controlled Senate Leadership Fund dropped over $830,000 into Alabama to purchase another last-minute round of vicious attacks against me and my campaign.

Trump tweeted about his favored candidate on Wednesday.

On Thursday night, the two candidates faced off in a debate that had a rather odd freewheeling format to it.

Gorka said he's "proud to support Judge Roy Moore and rally conservatives in Alabama behind his candidacy". "It's absolutely insulting to the president". He criticized Sen. John McCain for opposing Republican efforts to repeal and replace former President Barack Obama's health care law. What's going to bring us back together?

But some Moore supporters said they make a clear distinction between Trump's endorsement of unusual and his ideological alignment with Moore. It's for the big, lovely movement that we're all a part of. "A man endorsed by Mitch McConnell". The Trump-endorsed candidate, former Alabama attorney general and incumbent senator Luther Strange, spent much of the debate touting Trump's endorsement.

Moore appeared on the CSPAN2 show, hosted by Bill Press, to promote his book So Help Me God - a book described in its Amazon product information as "compelling case that the state must acknowledge the moral principles on which America was founded".

Moore is now the front-runner in a Republican primary bid for election to the Senate office held by Jeff Sessions before he became attorney general, the Washington Post reports. A woman in the crowd yelled: "We love you!" Moore was not immediately available for comment Thursday.

"President Trump had it right when he ran. But thank y'all for coming". "And we can't be good until the heart changes, and God is the author of that, so we're gonna stand for one nation under God". He said the president's election "gave people new hope in this country".