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So fans might be a little bummed to discover that Star Trek Discovery season 2 might not arrive until early 2019. Viewers can engage with the show via social media, as well, using the #aftertrek hashtag, says CBS. Its immediate predecessor, Enterprise brought in 12.5 million for its debut episode. But those premieres were in a different time. "I believed saving you and the crew was more important than Starfleet's principles", she tells Georgiou.

After a number of unfortunate delays, CBS is finally releasing the first season of its long-awaited science fiction television series, "Star Trek: Discovery". If early results are any indication, the answer is yes.

At any rate, the Pirate Bay numbers are likely the tip of the, er, pirate-berg as a study on Game of Thrones downloads last month found that most illegal viewing comes from illicit streaming sites nowadays instead of torrents - a new frontier for piracy, and surely not the final one.

The brand new Star Trek Discovery will be available on CBS All Access for USA and Canadian audiences while most global audiences (with reservations for your region not being included) will be able to stream the show on Netflix. Yes, the first two chapters of Discovery were uneven, but so, frankly, were the first two chapters of The Next Generation, which grew into one of the franchise's most beloved installments. But since we're supposed to empathize with her as the lead character, the show tries to have it both ways - and when your lead character commits an act of mutiny not long after you're introduced to her, it's hard to muster up any positive feelings toward her.

Considering the behind-the-scenes turmoil involved in launching "Star Trek: Discovery" - co-creator Bryan Fuller ("Hannibal") left the show, amid conflicting reports as to why - it's not surprising that "Star Trek: Discovery" feels like it's just finding its footing. Additionally, Kurtzman noted that the one of the big reasons that Discovery was delayed in the first place was that the initial release date wasn't realistic for a show that takes three-to-four months to produce an episode from start to finish.

Sadly, given that Discovery is only on CBS All Access in the USA, it is likely only those numbers will matter when it comes to the future of the series. But Shatner had nothing but praise for Star Trek: Discovery - particularly for Jason Isaacs, who stars as Captain Lorca. All subsequent After Trek episodes will be available to stream live at 9:30 PM, ET following new episodes of Star Trek Discovery and be available to watch on demand.