I was there at WrestleMania 21 when he won his first WWE Title and if I remember correctly that was the corner where he jumped out of the ring and went right into the crowd. The first Mania-caliber match is John Cena taking on Roman Reigns.

Elias did his usual heel mic work and then started to sing a song before he was interrupted by Crews theme song. Elias then hit the drift away for the 3-count out of nowhere. We had missed what happened to Cesaro until they showed the replay.

Slowly both men recovered and ended up back in the ring.

The panel discuss the Universal Title match.

A cracking opening to the show saw The Miz retain his Intercontinental championship as he overcame the challenge of a talented Jason Jordan, albeit with a little assistance from his Miztourage. Elias went after Crews even after the match prompting Titus O'Neal come to the rescue. Here are some of the OTHER matches on tonight's No Mercy. They've already had countless matches with each other in recent months - none of which were that compelling, so there's no real demand for them to be fighting again. Balor's mic skills aren't fantastic and one of the only things that he has in his arsenal as a character is that "Demon King" gimmick. The Bar failed to capture the Raw Tag Team Championships for the third time last night so after Cesaro gets oral surgery, they have to climb the ladder like everybody else. I heard that some people thought the crowd at one point chanted this is awesome during the match, but where I was at they were actually chanting "Miz is awesome". This incident busted Cesaro's mouth open, breaking a portion of his front teeth. Then Sheamus went and gave Ambrose a Brogue Kick. He openly said it wasn't after the match and he's given no indication he won't be back for WrestleMania season next year. Ambrose hit Sheamus with Dirty Deeds for the pin.

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks vs. This was the shortest match on the main card; forty seconds shorter than the women's match.

Now that Bray Wyatt had been vanquished, Finn Balor's newest goal was clear: Clawing his way back to the top of the WWE Universal championship that he had briefly won and abdicated when his victory took a physical toll on him.

They had a segment where Alexa Bliss came to the ring to reprimand the fans for all the gossip and rumors going on about the future of the women's division. Bliss was interviewed after the match on the rampway. Their inclusion of Goldust, or should I say Dustin, without his face paint felt like they bailed on his new/old "Golden Age" persona before they even did anything with it.

It's been quite a while since a single challenger looked like he could take out Brock Lesnar in a one-on-one match and prove that Suplex City is nothing more than a catchphrase to put on a t-shirt. A double Drive-By took out Dallas & Axel and created the opening for Reigns to deliver a Spear and go for the win.

After his loss to Roman Reigns, Cena talked about stepping aside as the top guy in the company and leaving it in the capable hands of The Big Dog.

The Miztourage were a constant presence during the match which The Miz lost but left Reigns with a message. Enzo spent the last several months complaining and getting smashed on Raw.

Neville dominated and toyed with Amore for the majority of the match before he got hold of the title and threatened to use it on Neville.