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There are some iPhone 8 owners who are running into an issue with the phone's earpiece.

There are current make-shift work-arounds such as fully resetting to factory settings and activating as new instead of restoring a backup, or simply limiting the number of applications being used until a fix is officially issued.

The diagnosis of the problem is still not clear and it is happening across all carriers and in different parts of the world. I have turned speakerphone on/off. The cost for the 5.5-inch iPhone 8 Plus with 64 gigabyte memory came in at $288.08, around $10 higher than the $277.66 cost of the iPhone 7 Plus. Odd thing is this noise happens randomly, roughly 1 in 3 calls. It seems the person at the other end of the call can't hear the disruption. It is not audible on earphones or on speakerphone, only through the earpiece. That said, we do not know how many iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices comprise that 50,000 total, so we are less convinced that Face ID and the A11 Bionic's GPU are major culprits. The first complaints originated on Twitter and Microsoft has already acknowledged the issue.

Here's a disrupted audio recorded on one such call. Given the random nature of the issue, it could very well be a simple software issue that can be fixed by a firmware update.

Apple has started rolling out iOS 11.0.1 update for its iOS devices that contains several bug fixes and improvements.

Apple's stock has slumped since details of the phone came out on September 12, off by about five per cent since then. If you're a journalist you'll be able to use the Markup option that will let you open and annotate your screenshots in no time. The company is hoping that its new iPhones will deliver, and if they don't, we can expect Apple stock to fall further. It should say "USB PD" somewhere on there, and the other specs should be similar to the ones on Apple's Type-C USB power adapters (see below).