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Yesterday, the company was feuding with Alphabet, Inc. Something new is that it has better speakers and Dolby sound processing, plus an integrated intelligent home theater.

Amazon held a surprise event in Seattle on Wednesday, where it launched a slew of new Echo devices.

Amazon, the company that created the smart speaker category with the Amazon Echo in 2015, added the smaller hockey puck looking Amazon Echo Dot in October 2016. The Amazon Echo (2nd-gen) is priced at $99 and sports the same cylindrical shape but at half the height.

Like the original Echo, the Echo is cylindrical, with a ring of LEDs around the top edge that light up when Alexa is activated.

Customers who wish to purchase the original, taller Echo can still do so. Most notably, the company will release a new model of its Alexa-enabled speaker, the Echo. They are called Echo Buttons, Echo Plus and cloth-covered Echo, Echo Connect, Echo Spot and Fire TV.

The Echo Plus speaker is enriched by a 360-degree omnidirectional audio and Dolby support which offers deeper bass and crisper high notes for better audio experience. It's available for pre-order today. Imagine a trivia game, for instance, where every family member has a dedicated wireless button to "buzz in". The Amazon Echo Buttons are the tiny Bluetooth-connected multicolored buttons for Amazon Echo and cost $20 for a set of two. The new Echo is an upgrade to the original Echo. Yes, it's a smart speaker, but the big win here is that it's also a hub for easily setting up smart devices including lights and locks. It's also ready for Alexa and comes with an Alexa remote for just $69.99.

Amazon says it is cutting the price of its Echo smart speaker to $100 from $180, improving the sound quality and upgrading its appearance with six new "shells". Echo Connect allows you to make phone calls (including emergency calls to 911) to landlines for free, and will be priced at $35.

The beauty of Alexa is that all of these devices come with the same brain that can offer numerous same experiences.

The Amazon Echo Spot is what you'd get if the Echo Dot and the Echo Show had a baby.

Amazon Echo also showed Spot - smart alarm clock with round 2.5-inch screen and with function of video.