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However, many are questioning the validity of Trump's boasts regarding the ravaged USA territory - especially because of the so-called Jones Act and how it may hinder timely hurricane relief for Puerto Rico.

Trump pointed out that the emergency response effort was made all the more challenging by the fact that Puerto Rico is not part of the USA mainland.

Part of the requirements for DHS to issue a waiver would be "insufficient USA -flagged vessel capability". People are scrambling for food, water, fuel and cash. Tons of relief supplies are already piled up at ports.

Desperate residents have been queuing for hours to get diesel fuel to power electrical generators, and some have mobbed water-supply tankers. Although relief efforts are underway, critics have noted that the Trump administration has been slow to authorize federal help for the island, a USA territory.

The 1920 act prohibits foreign-flagged vessels from picking up and delivering fuel between US ports.

Though the storm hit Puerto Rico a week ago, DHS said Wednesday that it had only just received a request for a waiver that day and a previous analysis showed that there were enough US -flagged vessels to bring supplies to the USA territory. "That is the fault of the hurricane", Duke told reporters in the White House driveway.

After a weekend of lashing out at National Football League and the NBA over a separate controversy, Trump on Monday tweeted about the crisis, highlighting the island's debts. The law requires that only USA ships carry goods to and from domestic ports.

Elaine Duke, acting secretary at the Homeland Security Department, said more than 90 percent of the island now has limited accessibly and 200 gas stations are open.

The team is scheduled to leave Joint Base Andrews Wednesday for a flight to San Juan.

"I am very pleased with the consideration the president has given to Puerto Rico", he told the newspaper. Residents there said it was the first such truck to visit their neighborhood since the hurricane struck. On the call, DHS officials said the request was being acted on.

And this number also reflected differently when respondents were informed of Puerto Rican's citizenship status. "We are supposed to be treated equally".

Eight of the 10 officers on the team had served in law enforcement in Puerto Rico in years past.

Meanwhile, The Hill reports that people who the USA government evacuates from Puerto Rico, Dominica and other countries in the region must sign promissory notes saying that they will repay the cost of their transportation.

"They say that it is coming from the United States, but who are they giving it to because I haven't received any at my house?"

On Wednesday morning, while speaking with CNN, Governor Rosell├│ said he still expected the Jones Act restrictions to be lifted. The Wisconsin Republican said he expects the Trump administration to send Congress a request for a long-term recovery package once damage assessments are conducted.