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"I haven't decided yet", she said when asked whether she would remain.

It also was shipping a large generator to power a radar center to help air traffic control in San Juan and other airports. The move is meant to boost the delivery of much-needed relief supplies after Hurricane Maria battered the US territory last week.

As recovery efforts move forward on the island commonwealth, mapping company Esri has put its disaster response program to work by designing a digital tool for residents and emergency workers called the CrowdRescue Puerto Rico Infrastructure Map. Residents aren't getting preventive medicine at this time, he says.

"The Puerto Rico I remember is in my memory and in my pictures", Garcia-Gomez.

The storm left almost all 3.4 million people without basic necessities like water and power. With no power, Cruz says the hospital was forced to discharge 40 patients. "I've lost everything, and no one has shown up to see if anyone lives here".

Since Friday, the city of Dunkirk has brought in donations for victims of Hurricane Maria, including both money and water, and has worked out logistics with the city of Buffalo to get donations to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has been among the hardest-hit victims of the law.

With no power, more young workers may leave Puerto Rico for better opportunities elsewhere.

We share Cicilline's frantic concern for Puerto Ricans devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Maria knocked out the electric supply and telecommunications across the island and left the U.S. territory marred by a mixture of damaged vegetation, mud and debris. "But critically, what we need is equipment", and people, either national or state troops, Rossello said. Velez is confident that the emergency plan set up for the hurricanes "is working well".

All are struggling with the overwhelming devastation of Hurricane Maria, which began tearing across the island early in the morning of September 20 as a Category 4 storm with winds of 155 miles per hour. "Otherwise she's going to be [inoperable] and the outcomes are not going to be good".

Last year, Congress approved the Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act for Puerto Rico, a bill created to help lift the island out of its vast debts with stricter federal oversight of spending and revenue.

Someone had already strung a cable over the 100-yard stretch of river so people could hold on as they crossed in search of supplies. "We have not felt the presence of the aid on the streets".

"We have no idea what is happening in a lot of parts of Puerto Rico", Rubio said.

Many others are also waiting for help from anyone from the federal or Puerto Rican government. Marco Rubio urged President Donald Trump to put the US military in charge of recovery efforts on the island.