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A week after President Donald Trump turned the issue of NFL players protesting during the national anthem into THE biggest cultural debate in the country, it looks like we now have an idea how the American public views the whole thing.

President Donald Trump publicly condemned the National Football League and protesting athletes during what was supposed to be a rallying in support of Senator Luther Strange in Alabama Friday Sept. 22.

While Mr. Trump and his supporters have sought to convert it into a "soliders vs. protesters" issue and are exhorting people to boycott the tournament, many have started watching football in protest. "That's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for", Trump said.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant said he and his teammates plan to stand during Sunday's national anthem. While politicizing a sport that doesn't exist for his playacting, Kaepernick was more egregiously disrespecting not just the flag and the anthem, but what they stand for - perhaps the most extraordinary nation ever, a place whose ideals have conquered and are still conquering its faults. I thought I could be a support and an ally to Kaepernick, bringing attention to the issues that he was talking about.

About the same number - 95 per cent - said they did not approve of the way he is handling race relations.

Unfortunately, the arguments against Kaepernick do not stop there, he and other athletes are told to simply "do their job" instead of making a statement. The Pittsburgh Steelers did not come out for the anthem at all - a move meant to avoid forcing players to make individual statements but only sparked further controversy in what has become a national and worldwide debate. Throughout Europe and most of the rest of the world, national anthems are only played before games involving the national teams of countries.

This tradition began during the height of World War I in the Major League Baseball. If you enjoy watching football on Sundays like most people do, then watch the game.

"We haven't given up on changing the American health care system", McConnell said, according to The New York Times. It is about respect for our Country, Flag, and National Anthem. In 2017, so far, 207 black people have been killed in police shootings.

Personal Note: The fact that I defend the First Amendment rights of people in the United States of America doesn't necessarily mean that I approve of the way that those people exercise their First Amendment rights.

He's right, and there's no reason to think the attacks will be ending soon.