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He wants them to stop being afraid of the players, force them to stand during the playing of the anthem, and fire any of the "sons of b******" who continue to kneel "in disrespect of our country and flag". "I understand they're trying to make a point ... but I think it's disrespectful". But we don't stand for the anthem because it is a song.

Those multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires, prima donnas whose egos are larger than the Pacific Ocean, keep insulting our flag and our country. Quite the opposite, it's a peaceful protest meant to bring awareness to police brutality and the value of black lives in the US that keeps our country from reaching its full potential. Really? What is the relationship between our flag and the police behavior? America is a nation built on the enslavement of black people, and following emancipation, their structural oppression (from Jim Crow laws, voter disenfranchisement and lynchings to police brutality and mass incarceration). The flag and the national anthem are symbols of our country and our unity.

The Denver Broncos, who last week all took a knee, announced they would instead be standing in solidarity this week. One team, the Seattle Seahawks, declared collectively: "We will not stand for the injustice that has plagued people of color in this country".

Coaches and administrators won't flood the internet or line up with protests, but I expect they will let their feelings be known.

An Arizona Cardinals fan holds a sign before the start of the NFL game against the San Francisco 49ers
An Arizona Cardinals fan holds a sign before the start of the NFL game against the San Francisco 49ers

Many see kneeling during the anthem as a sign of disrespect to America and those who have died for America. We always have room for improvement. "While some may not have taken a knee or raised a fist, we have all shared the desire to influence positive change", the team said. For certain of the more liberal crowd, the Black Lives Matter movements is receiving needed attention thanks to the statements being made by the National Football League players this fall and last. Like the adage says: "Rather than cursing the darkness, light a candle". It doesn't occur to me that rooting around in my purse or in the glove compartment for my license and registration might cause an officer to feel threatened and shoot me in "self-defense". For Trump it seems to be, "When they go low, we go even lower". They are respecting the best thing about America. We are the silent majority. "If for example, the owners, sponsors and players in the NFL can not support either the flag or the country they live in, then we support the proposed national boycott scheduled for the 2017 Veterans Day weekend (Nov. 11-12) of all professional NFL presentations".

I have yet to talk with anybody who is an enthusiastic supporter of the current "waterfall" 5A alignments, which have taken away some neighborhood rivalry games and replaced them with contests pitting schools often located several cities apart.

When the anthem plays you stand at attention and respect the Flag, the Anthem, and the country. One man's actions have led to a national conversation about perhaps the United States' most essential issue, and that, more than anything else since the start of this year, gives me hope for the future.

That must be why the policy also says "Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice (s) for violations of the above, including first offenses". At 29 years old, he found himself unable to land a job in the league.