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Between the two more than 150,000 children are covered.

Prior to the institution of CHIP, almost 14 percent of children in the United States were uninsured, according to figures provided by the federal government.

Some states are expected to exhaust their resources by the end of the year.

CHIP was established in the 1990s.

By this point you've certainly heard about the debates in Congress over letting the federal budget expire and the chaos a shutdown would cause the American economy.

They could eventually, but not immediately. Because Congress didn't act, the program's funding expired Saturday, though states still have varying amounts of money to keep the lights on.

"But that does not present certainty for families and certainly not for our state's Medicaid department", she added.

In the House, some Democrats have expressed concerns about the bill drafted by House Republicans because, they say, it would pay for continuation of the CHIP program by cutting other health spending.

EW: The money for CHIP comes from both the federal and the state government, right?

However, Minnesota was among those most imperiled because it had spent all its funds.

Brent Wilborn, director of public policy at the Oklahoma Primary Care Association, said most community health centers have enough funding to continue operating through the end of December, but uncertainty about their budgets could make it hard to plan.

The Children's Health Insurance Program's budget has expired as of September 30.

The longer this all drags on, the more some states will begin curtailing CHIP services, and the more likely it will become that the reauthorization bill will be taken hostage by interest groups looking for must-pass legislation to pull their own pet legislation through Congress. Some states, like Georgia with its PeachCare For Kids Program, charge a monthly premium for CHIP coverage.

"I got the sense that they're very heavily invested in reauthorizing CHIP in a bipartisan way, but that being said, there's a lot happenning in Washington that's not necessarily good for states or good for government, particularly in public healthcare programs like Medicaid and CHIP", she says. "Extending funding for CHIP has been a top priority of this committee, and I am pleased to see the committee advance this policy today", he said in a statement. Pennsylvania was one of 10 states national experts thought might run out of funds by end of this year. But, so far, it's continuing business as usual.

But for a lot of children who access coverage under CHIP, the question will really be to the state of whether or not they can afford to continue that coverage, and those costs will be quite significant to the state.

"We would notify families at least 30 days before the date the program terminates for lack of funding", she wrote. In 2016, more than 8.9 million American children were enrolled in CHIP, according to a recent Medicaid-sponsored report. We are hopeful that Congress will act, and hopefully act quickly to restore the program's funding. But first, let's tell our lawmakers to save CHIP now. However, neither extends the 23 percent increase in federal match for CHIP that the Affordable Care Act initiated in 2015. "This is why for two decadesI have championed this important program and support ongoing efforts to reauthorize it". They pay for nearly 90% of it.