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It's more than 20-times more powerful than the standard Home device.

You might also want to consider the new Sonos One, which was announced today, too.

As for the Google Home Max, it has been priced at $399.

How do we describe this. Short of this, it is unlikely that Google will be able to catch up to Amazon's Echo shipment volumes with its first-party Home Mini in the near future.

The Mini retails for $49 in the USA (the same price as Amazon's Echo Dot), making it more affordable than the larger $129 Google Home.

Unfortunately, with a Google Home of this size, you're obviously not going to get the same level of sound quality. It can't give you music-grade speakers, rather it is convenient for news updates, weather, podcasts, and stuff like that.

To improve the sound even further the Home Max can actually tune itself to make sure the best listening experience is achieved no matter which room it's placed in.

On the lower end, the Mini will retail for $49 and is a smaller version of the Google Home speaker already on the market. The regular Google Home now sells for $129, though over the course of the previous year, but it has often been on sale for just under $100. Two Google Home Max speakers can be configured as the left and right speakers. Introduced by Google Glass desinger Isabelle Olson, the Home Mini is created to integrate itself into your home decor and seamlessly operate without drawing attention to itself. Home Mini will be available in red, gray with a white base, and black with a white base. It has two 4.5-inch woofers for deep bass and two 0.7-inch custom tweeters for the highs.

This speaker has a 40mm driver for 360-degree sound and supports Bluetooth and dual band Wi-Fi. So, you can choose that suits your home. If you move it, it should adjust to the new surroundings in just a few seconds.

Naturally, if you mainly use Google Play Music or Amazon Prime Music, then the respective companies' speakers are your only options.