KXIP vs KKR Live Score

I know wrestlers get a lot of flak for it being "faked", but honestly, name any other sports star who would do that? Here's all the action that went down within the demonic structure. But at the same time, they are all unforgiving. Sami rolled his former rival on top of Shane to give him the win in one of the most surprising heel turns of the last few years. But now that Shane has jumped off the top of the cage, there's only so much he can do to top himself. He probably hit an RKO cause thats his thing (sarcasm, of course he hits an RKO). While they are not that incendiary, "they've been a poor mercy attempt in desperation to get the people to care, similar to when a horror film isn't truly frightening and it resorts to gore and jump scares".

But when the dust settles, The New Day and The Usos will walk away having had the match of the night.

Charlotte Flair winning the SmackDown Women's Championship has seemed inevitable since she was moved to the blue brand and, despite Natalya's great run, I have a feeling they'll pull the trigger on a title change between these two at HIAC. The tables would soon turn and The Usos would gain the upper hand and they would dissect The New Day one by one. The match was seen as one of the most brutal matches after Kevin Owens had head butted Vince McMahon in the previous episode of Smack Down live.

Oh, and the Fashion Police have a new case.

This has been somewhat of an unusual feud. But hey, heat is heat. Maybe I was too distracted. It's fair to say that he's exceeded expectations as champion. But hey, it's still foreign heel vs. foreign face; and that's progress, right?

MATTHEW ASHER: I want Roode's entrance to be longer than this match. And his Smackdown career has been off to a slow start. Quite frankly, there was no reason for Sami to be as involved in the feud as he was. In WWE's eyes, the jury is still out on Baron Corbin. After a win on the pre-show, it looks likes Gable and Benjamin will be the new #1 contenders to The Usos.

MATTHEW BYER: With all the rumours that Ziggler's days in WWE are numbered it would be logical for Roode to win here, but I'll go with the upset win by the Showoff.

This was the first SmackDown-exclusive PPV since the disaster that was Battleground all the way back in July, and tonight gave us what looked to be a pretty top-heavy card going in.

- Above is video of new WWE United States Champion Baron Corbin talking to Renee Young and Peter Rosenberg on Talking Smack after his big win at Hell In a Cell last night.

The finish wasn't as clean in the women's title match, with champion Natalya resorting to a chair shot to Charlotte Flair to add insult to the "knee injury" she delivered to the challenger. This opened the match for Owens, however, who threw McMahon into the cell on multiple occasions. Randy Orton vs. Rusev was boring.

Regardless, enjoy Hell in a Cell. "This is going to be one that is very exciting", Triple H teased.